Sunday, February 26, 2012

Skyrim Mods

When it comes to Skyrim Mods there are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. I myself cannot keep track of all of them. In fact there are so many that it can be overwhelming, especially if you want a specific one. Upon discovering the endless supply of mods that have been created to go along with Skyrim, I have found it very easy to find the ones that are interesting. The top 10 pages (or Top 25, Top 5, etc). These websites, blogs, polls are a good way to narrow your search to find a mod that would best “tickle your fancy”. I myself enjoy the way Gamespot relays the information about what they consider to be the "Top 5". The most recent one included a mod called Handyman. This was a neat little mod that allows your hero to use anything in the game as a weapon. For a demonstration they used a broom. It was actually quite humorous.

The other 4 mods you’ll have to check out on your own. I highly recommend them. Again, thank you Gamespot for your excellence.
A  note to all you Skyrim lovers, these mods are for the PC. Unfortunately those of us who prefer the Playstation or Xbox are out of luck this time.   

(Right: He is beating the snot out of a civilian with his... broom.)

Note that this is not the entire video, this is only a portion of it. However, it shows some pretty cool stuff!!


  1. I really wish I had a PC so I could do some mods of my own, but alas, I have a mac and an xbox 360. :/

    1. You’d think they’d approach this from a business stance: Attack the increasing number of people who have macs.

  2. nice,now if only i could find STO mods...